Invoice, billing & auto payment collection

CampFyre will keep track of all your payment collection cycle and automatically send invoices to your tenants and help them to manage their payment transactions and receipts.

Tenancy agreement & contract auto generated

For every subscriptions to your space, CampFyre automatically send them auto generated agreement and contract on your behalf.

Printer & wifi intergration

Keep track and limit access to only paid tenants by automatically provide them access to wifi and printer. No more ghost visitors.

Reports & analytics

Monitor your co working spaces wherever you are around the globe through your dashboard and get monthly reports automatically email to you.

White label

Use your co working space or company branding during all the process on top of CampFyre platform.

Self checkin & checkout

Your co workers and visitors able to pay online and self checkin themselves and your co working space. Once their time is up, they able to check themselves out with you having to kick anyone out ;)

24 hours smart door with app

You can sleep at night and without hiring any manpower with your visitors able to access co working space themselves 24 hours.

Shared calender

Let all your co workers across all your co working spaces and communities to know the latest event at your spaces.

Event booking & room booking

Co workers and visitors able to book event and meeting room at shared calender.

Community network

People come and go in co working spaces with diffrent background and talents, let them communicate and make contribute to your network. CampFyre allow co workers to communicate with each others on the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you own a Co Working Space?

No, we do not own any co working space. We only provide management software

Are you able to provide each module on it's own?

Yes. We have billing, agreement generation and all features listed, able to sell separately, according to your business need.

How much do you charge?

We charge $2 per user for basic features, contact us for full features.

Does CampFyre include door access hardware?

Yes, our hardware will tap into your exisitng smart door, your visitors able to open the door using app. We sell the hardware saperately, including installation fee and RM50 maintenance fee monthly.

I already have existing solutions, can it be intergrated?

If your booking software, wifi access, printers are build for intergration, it can be done. We do not however intergrate with other co working space management system.

How do I get started?

We would have a meeting with you to know what you required and needed to customize, whether you have technical team and how we may assist, then we will provide booking page and account to manage your tenants.